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E-file is Perth’s leading legal document scanning bureau. By combining 13 years of experience with industry leading hardware and software, e-file provides quality services to the legal community including legal document management.


E-file continues to re-invest in industry leading software and hardware to provide its clients with high quality and efficient legal document scanning services in Perth.

High speed, high quality imaging platforms are used to convert large document collections into litigation databases. OCR processing can be applied to the files to allow for full text searchable functionality of documents.


Our state of the art quality assurance software is applied to each and every legal document scanning job, whether the client is a sole trader or a global corporation. This ensures that each job is scanned to highest quality.

With the use of sophisticated software, the scanned image can be “cleaned” to remove speckles, improve clarity and de-skew the page. This “cleaning” process can often produce images that are better than the original.


Imaging, file naming and indexing formats are highly customizable to match the input requirements of a wide variety of clients.

Pagination (either physical or electronic) can be applied to documents to satisfy State and Federal practice notes and guidelines.

Data is compiled on an in-house SQL server and supplied in load files to match the client’s import format.

Competitive Pricing

E-file uses a simple per page pricing structure. There are no hourly charges so an accurate estimate can be provided before commencement.

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Confidentiality & Security

E-file is committed to protecting the privacy of their clients and their documents.

Senior staff are cleared to Federal Government “highly protected” security clearance and all e-file staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment.

Sensitive client files are stored in a secure room with access limited to management only.

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